Being an employee and settling

I was going to write two separate blogs about this topic, but I almost forgot one of the topics so not to forget again, imma just write them together lol.

Both of these topics go hand and hand with me personally, settling as an employee that is.  As I settled for being an employee, I was also settling for a mundane life and lifestyle just to “play it safe”.  I also watch people settle with many things in their lives aswell: lovers, jobs, situations etc.  Are you one of these people that are settling?  Don’t get me wrong, I understand due to some situations you have to just do a job to survive.  I was raised by a single mother even though she was a nurse and made a decent salary, raising three children on your own (with no help by her loser ex-husband) was hard, so I understand if you aren’t happy at your job and it’s feeding your family by all means I am not judging or criticizing you, do what you need to do.  But those who settle with love because: “they don’t want to be alone” “they need to have sex all the time” “they don’t want to date anymore” (some of the excuses I heard people, mainly women have told me this) is that really an excuse to stay with someone that isn’t bringing out the best in you?  If that person isn’t supportive of your goals and dreams in life, why are you with that person?  If that person isn’t willing to better themselves and you have to keep on dumbing yourself to stay with that person who are you fooling and who is really the foolish one in the relationship?  “What do you know? You are single!”   I was told by a former friend “you don’t have kids so what do you know?”  Staying for the kids never works out, my mom has burn marks on her body from 1985 to prove “staying for the kids” isn’t worth a damn thing.  I am single all the time because I haven’t found anyone at my level, I simply refuse to settle, I don’t have patience for disrespect or constant lies.  I am too cute for jail, and I refuse to dumb myself down again for anyone, I refuse to wait on someone bullshit lies to see whether he will decide to make us official (I did that for a while only to find out he was still seeing his so called “ex-girlfriend.)  I guess I have poor taste in men so staying single is my best bet lol.

For the last 8 years or so I’ve seen nothing but constant failures and disappointments on and off, you name it I’ve probably experienced it.  Things like that come with a price and it scarred me deeply, I think is was earlier this year I decided to just say “fuck it” and just work, pay my debts off.  Even though, I settled on this kind of life I was very unhappy at my job.  The bid I was doing use to be a two person job they took one bid away after I got it so I was doing a two person job for one person pay for two years!  For a whole year I was trying to get another bid but upper management kept reverting bid and when they did put one up, a senior (someone with more years than me) switch their days.  I tried applying for in plant or management but they will always choose the ass kissers who came after me.  Working at post office, I learned working hard doesn’t get you anywhere anymore like it did in previous generations.  But this is also the problem, we have our parents who seen the benefits of working hard and teach us to: go to school, get a safe job with benefits, work hard and move up the ladder.  We sadly cannot do that anymore, these safe jobs aren’t safe anymore and it’s who you know, and not what you know to move up at work/in life.  Going to school is a waste of time too if it isn’t a “in demand” job like healthcare etc, heck, I know I make more money than some of the girls from my high school that have masters degrees.  $10/hours jobs with 90k student loan debt?  How do these numbers even add up?!  Being overlooked at my job stop bothering me when I just stopped caring, being a hard worker only gives you more work. But something change recent for me, if I talk about here you won’t beleive me, it’s hard to believe when you didn’t see what I’ve seen or experienced but my luck has finally changed for the better.  When a door opens for you, take it, we have many densities in life, it all depends on what path you choose to take.   When the older folks tell me “it’s not your time yet” I use to get so mad when I’d hear that, but now, I finally understand what they meant.  If I got a bid earlier, I would’ve never start on what I am doing today.  I am striving to become an entrepreneur, where can make money even while I sleep.  I want to be my own boss and not have to work so many hours to make a decent weekly/monthly income.  It’s very stressful right now, I will be on a soup and crackers diet for a while, that and I am not making the same amount of money anymore since I am on a different shift lol.  But my mindset has changed and I working hard for this lifestyle that I crave.  I understand my friend now, though I supported every move he’s made I said to myself “this isn’t for me, I will just work” I know these few years he’s been grinding will pay off immensely soon, but I see that these few years of sleepless nights, sacrificing etc will get the lifestyle we both deserve, all because we refuse to settle.  Settling for the mundane, settling for the employee life settling just in general!  I do hope all you who read this know we only have one life to live and it’s never to late to do/start the things you love.  It’s all a mindset, you tell yourself what you want and where you want to be, working hard for yourself it will pay off.  I know it will for me one day, it’s like the universe knew where it wanted me to go but after all these detours, I am striving to where I should be.  I will succeed!💯

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