My first book

I know I haven’t updated this blog in a while but now I am here with a new post. I published my first book today and it’s titled “I don’t need your approval” it’s a short children’s book about a girl loving an accepting herself no matter what other say about her. I wrote up…Read more »


This topic is very personal for me, suffering for depression doesn’t make you weak or less of a human than everyone else.  It’s sadly rather common and there are different stages or types of despression.  What’s crazy about depression, is that one event can trigger a down pour of sadness and if not caught, it…Read more »

Stepping out of the norm

It’s very frustrating at steping out of the norm.  What I am working on most people do not understand, can’t relate or discourage me from continuing.  It hurts when someone you care about has nothing but negative things to say about what you are doing but will encourage you to spend thousands of dollars in…Read more »

Knowing your worth.

This blog isn’t going to be about only one topic, it’s going to be about a variety of topics that are mostly personal to me whether it was from a past experience or the current me.  So when this blog gains popularity (hopefully) I would like to read your (the viewers) comments and experiences because…Read more »