What to do when shit hits the fan?

I won’t be posting much right now because I am currently working on a project and I am in a desperate need for a coder! I am not to tech-savvy neither is my co-creator of this project, I am learning how to code and it’s all in German to me. I can not understand a thing!

Yesterday I got news that my first project was shut down by the FTC, if you all don’t know what the FTC is they are the federal trade commission, and they deal with businesses. I highly doubt they will come back but luckily, I didn’t invest too much money (only $2,500) but their financing team messed up my credit score when I told them what not to do. I am 30 years old and I know all too well, you live and you learn, I worked very hard to get my credit back in the 750’s and it’s destroyed now, I will work on getting a new identity to start anew. A fresh start is what everyone needs sometimes.

A lot of people who invested thousands are dollars and that was their only source of income I feel for them, but instead of getting mad and staying mad, it’s time to re-group and do what I do best: damage control. Getting a new name and social security number, focusing on my other project is what I plan on doing. You can’t stay in a rut for too long because you are going to be hurting yourself and your finances further. Did you have a plan B, C or down? If so go do them! Look for other ways to make an income, if you quit your job, see if you can get your job back or find someone to have a stream of income coming in. I don’t believe in hope, I only say it as a “phrase”. I just do, I cannot wait on hope because that means I will be waiting forever I sadly as humans, we do not have forever.

With that being said, it sucks for me right now but it isn’t has bad as those who spend $30,000+ on their products, I got a great idea from only spending $2,500 so I gotta flip that into millions…I JUST NEED A CODER LOL!

Until next time 💖

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