How are you spending your time?

Today’s blog is about time, as soon as i realized it, I haven’t blogged in 5 days! It’s not that I didn’t want to, it’s more like time just slipped me by. These past couple of months my memory for some reason has been very fuzzy and I have trouble remembering things at time. This is why it prompted me to write about time.

You are probably thinking 24 hours in a day is a long time, but if you sit down and think about it, it really isn’t. We spend 4-8 hours sleeping, another 4-8+ hours at work or school, then there is family and social life. After your regular day is done, how do you spend what’s little left of that day on bettering yourself, your career or your future endeavors? If you are fine on where you are at and just spend your time unwinding and watching TV that is fine too, but for me, I need to do more.

Time isn’t on anyone’s side, nor can one go back into time and change the past, I decided after dropping off my friend Aaron to the train station on Saturday I want to retire by the age of 35. I will be 31 in July, so I obviously do not have much time left lol. I am ok with all of this because my mind is where it needs to be to become successful and I am grateful to be around a like minded individual like my good friend Aaron. When you find someone like this build and network with them, who knows where it can lead you! This Saturday that just past made me realize that so many days has past since my last blog and I felt I didn’t know anything constructive to better myself. Luckily when it dawned on me, I am back on my grind and motivated more than ever. I am tired of working, I am tired of settling, tired of being broke, and I tired of just being tired! The time I have to myself now I am reading up on business, learning someone on making more money (the non-traditional way), am removing the clutter in my life: getting rid of old clothes, throwing out things I do not use anymore and making an office space in my small room to focus on my business….eventually I sleep and wake up to do other things. Instead of constantly looking at the same things over and over again in Instagram and Facebook (which I catch myself doing again lately) I tried to tune all those things out and focus on reading and learning. How can I retire at 35 if I am looking at cute cat videos on Instagram? Lol

It’s what you are doing with your time matters, tomorrow isn’t promised so what your YOU doing to live your life without regrets? I watched a lot of Korean dramas and Japanese anime’s about people dying, not to mention my mom was a nurse for 40 years, and they all have said the same thing before and after they died (as ghost) “I have so much more to do”. Can you die today and say “I’ve lived my life to the fullest and have no regrets?” I know I can say “at least I tried lol🤷🏾‍♀️”. But on a seriously manner, too many people are taking time out for granted, I understand we all have responsibility and priorities but do something for yourself once in a while, if you can afford to do so, treat yourself to a favorite food spot or spa. What I am getting at is too many people are living their lives for others and other peoples expectations for them and when they want to do something for themselves, it is sadly to late.

So to end this blog, start writing in a journal when you have time, your thoughts, feelings, goals and dreams. When you start writing something out or saying it out loud, you are putting it out in the universe in existents, believe you and me, it’s a very powerful thing to do. While figuring out what you want out of life (goal-wise) what you are doing to make that goal a reality? Today is the day to start, stop procrastinating, stop bullshitting and DO IT. Time waits for no one my friends, so it’s up to you how you use your time while alive~

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