Stepping out of the norm

It’s very frustrating at steping out of the norm.  What I am working on most people do not understand, can’t relate or discourage me from continuing.  It hurts when someone you care about has nothing but negative things to say about what you are doing but will encourage you to spend thousands of dollars in school that probably won’t guarantee a career after graduating depending on the major.

Even though it slightly hurt me, I remembered not everyone has the same mindset, not everyone is driven to step out of the norm, take a risk to become successful.  Their predetermined thoughts hinder them from seeing the bigger picture, I understood this, because I use to think like this and that is why I do not talk about what I am doing to most people.  I don’t even talk to my mom about it because I already know what she is going to say, she always wanted to own her own business but even as a child, I always felt she was missing “that thing” i don’t know how to explain it but something was always off about her.  I also notice this when she was selling Avon, but that is neither here or there lol.

Its crazy how complete strangers are far more supportive than your family and friends but luckily for me, the few people I talked to have been nothing but supportive.  If you don’t have that support, it’s ok, do you know why?  Because your success is the best revenge, you are your own competitions and they don’t determine your future, YOU DO.

If you are worried what other may think about you, then stepping out the norm isn’t for.  You only have one life, why are you living your life under the microscope of others?  I personally was never was like that but I sadly always played it safe because I was raised to do so, then I got comfortable just working up until recently.  Like a wrote in a previous blog I was working what use to be a two person job for one persons pay, and even after complaining to upper management about the work load, they clearly didn’t care.  I am a good worker, I work hard to earn my days wages, I am there to work and I don’t slack, but I know when I am being taken advantage of and my body and mental being was clearly being effected.  I was angry all the time, everything frustrated me (especially dealing with those incompetent mailhandlers🤦🏾‍♀️) and I didn’t want to be there.  Due to my depression, I hated being alone and at home, I needed to be around people to keep sane but after working that bid, I was so happy to be home and dreaded going back to work.  After being there for two years i was desparate for an escape but in-plant kept taking away bids and I was stuck, even though I was miserable, I did my job 100% because I was being paid.  Recently my luck finally changed and I got an opportunity to go back to school and I also got a bid!😁  I believe when an opportunity comes your way, no matter what it is you take it because you never know where it will lead you.  While preparing for school, I found out about something I usually never do and it was about the lottery.  I was on this high where I seen something I just said “fuck it” and do it, I learned a lot  about it but never exactly bought a ticket yet.  But one day I got an email that really changed my life and I believe it will definitely do so for the better.  You all must be thinking what it is that I am doing but it’s exactly what I am doing right now!  I am building my brand, I am writing blogs and I will be writing books in the near future.  I never thought I would be stepping out of the norm and doing things other than being an employee but I am very motivated and I know if I keep up with this, I will make it in the way I want to be.  I have my goals and I am still working them out as I go, I know things will get  frustrating but I know I mustn’t quit, because if I quit, I will be stuck at my job and trying to find a back up because we all know the post office isn’t going to be there forever.  I will have to continue with “active income” and have to be there  physically to actually make money, I don’t want to do this for 30+ years, I want to earn money while I sleep, so for me, quitting isn’t an option.  This goes for whoever is reading this right now…DONT QUIT! You can always take a break and/or reevaluate whatever it is your are doing but don’t quit, because you can always quit, so why quit now?

Keep going, keep pushing, keep grinding because you are the only one that determines your future.

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