What are your goal and dreams?

person holding black iphone
Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

We all want something in life, but seriously, what is your ultimate goals and dreams in life?  We have one life to live and how are YOU choosing to live that one life?  I will tell you how I was living before I was fed up with being “safe”

Up until last month (April, 2018) I was playing it safe, looking for a safe job, settling, and was getting ready to go back to school at age 30.  As a embark on my  entrepreneurship, I do not feel scared or nervous because even though we all feel fear,  it is imaginary , it is all in your mind.  If I don’t do this to live the comfortable lifestyle I want, I will have to be stuck working at my current job and having to get a back up.  I do not want to work as an employee anymore, I don’t want to have a boss, I want to become my own boss and work when I want to work!

Having goals are important and how can one be focus without having goals?  If you really want something, don’t give up, work hard, find a mentor (that actually knows what they are doing and is successful at it) and go for it.  It’s all about your mindset, how is your mindset currently?  Are you thinking like an employee or are you thinking like a big business owner or even an investor?  What are you doing to make your business better?  What are you doing to finance this impeding business?   These are the things you must ask yourself and  evaluate yourself.  I know my goals and I always have in the back of my mind “if I don’t do this and succeed at this, I will be stuck working at the post office”.  Keep going and keep grinding.

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